"It has taken me almost a year to write this testimony regarding Wendy's work. Part of the reason I have delayed so is because I experience a continual flow of beneficial experiences that are rooted in receiving sessions with her, and each time I think I've collected a full perspective of her work to share, I schedule another session for myself or my family member and I'm overwhelmed once again with positive feedback about our experiences and Wendy's powerful gifts. Time and time again,it is so clear that not only are Wendy's lightweaving skills are unique in and of themselves and when combined with her love and intuitive connection with the angelic realms and her guides she is truly a very powerful combination of heart and strong channel. Wendy's skillset as a master lightweaver is unprecedented as I have never met another practitioner with her rare combination of divine mother love, genuineness, grounded, empowered human compassion, and the ability to transmit angelic light and communication.Her sessions have brought me and mine tangible peace, physical clearing and healing, restoration and clarity within my marriage, strong healing connection to a special loved one who birthed into spirit, comfort, kind understanding and so very much more. I consider her a valued part of my support system as a mother, wife and professional oracle and artist. I am grateful for her skills and her dedication to her angels, her higher purpose and her clients, of which I am a lifelong member!"


- Kathryn Bohn

Modern Day Oracle & Sacred Artist



"I feel so lucky to have found you.


I have never ever worked with anyone who is as "crystal clear" as you. There is a certain ease, grace and trust that you immediately feel and it so comforting. 

I wish that there was a way to convey to folks that this healing will go beyond any expectations. I really like the name Angelic Light Weaving for this work. I get it! :)"

Cynthia C.

"Wendy did a great job light weaving. I could feel the energy from a far. I could tell the area she was working on. I also was able to see pictures and colors in my minds eye as she worked. I would highly recommend her. I have never met her in person but the information she gave me after the session felt right to me. A wonderful Soul" ~ Becky H.
"Thank you so much Wendy! You are truly an amazing and gifted person. Doctors couldn't put me back together but with your light weaving I feel amazing again. If I had known about you 25 years ago.... I am so thankful." ~ Kathy W.
"If you work with the angels you need to check out Wendys light weaving... I was blown away by the energy during my session and how light and clear I felt afterwards." ~ Rich R.

"Wendy is an amazing intuitive healer. Her light weaving is a truly blessed experience in which you can fully feel and receive the love of the divine realm. I received amazing messages and ever since the session, my heart center is so much bigger, clearer, and more open. I feel I can ground much more easily and receive divine guidance much more clearly. I am so blessed to know Wendy and I look forward to working with her in the future."

In love and light,


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