Angelic Light Weaving 101 Live Video Class and Attunement!

Coming Soon!


You asked for it and the angels have given me a big thumbs up to offer a live video class to teach you about angelic light weaving, no matter where in the world you are! I am so excited about this!  

During this 4 hour class I will teach you all the basics, including:

  • Learning to light weave for yourself and others

  • Healers etiquette

  • Setting up angelic protection 

  • Learning how to work with the Archangels and healing angels

  • You will also meet your own light weaving angel!

As part of your attunement process the night before the class, as you sleep, the angels and I will prepare you energetically for receiving the attunement in a way that is right and perfect for you. This overnight light weaving will lay the foundation to open and strengthen your connection to the angelic realm.

We will be using Zoom Video Conferencing for this class.