Services Offered

Private In-Person Angelic Light Weaving Session $100

I’m pleased to offer private in person Angelic Light Weaving Sessions at my new location in Phoenixville, PA.  


During your approximate 1 hour session you will receive master level angelic light weaving energy perfectly calibrated for you which can clear, balance, restore and realign you to your Divine Plan.  Resting in the Love and Light of these Divine Beings of Light can gracefully assist you to more easily live a life of peace, joy and prosperity. I and my Master Healing Team of Light will work hand-in-hand with the Angelic Realm, Divine Beings of Light and your Higher Self weaving sacred geometries, colors and symbols throughout your energy body. You may also receive a lifting out of pockets of dense energy which no longer serve your highest and best golden spiraling trajectory.  This lifting out of the old will make room for you to embody and anchor in the peace and love of your Higher Self.


All sessions are overseen and secured by Archangel Michael of Light and Divine All Mother of Light.

Angelic Light Weaving Video Session- $88
During your angelic light weaving video session the angels work through me as we weave highly refined angelic Light, colors, symbols and sacred geometry into your etheric field.  Angelic Light Language is an intelligent energy which will move into your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies as needed. As I weave, the angels show me the areas of you which are being tended to.  You may experience a deep sense of relaxation and Divine Angelic Love during your session as well as feeling, sensing or intuitively seeing the energy as it moves in, through and around you.
Your session will last approximately 50 minutes. Please be in a quiet space where you are able to relax and open to receive this beautiful energy. In addition to the guidance, images and messages the angels may give me for you, you may also receive direct intuitive messages for yourself.
The healing energies the angels bring to those of us in human form through light weaving are beyond my ability to fully explain.  What I am able to feel, see and express to you during your session is a small fraction of what is occurring for you under the direct supervision and guidance of the Angelic Realm of Love and Light.  Once your session is booked and paid, I'll send you the link to connect on Zoom for your video session.
These session are through the free to download and use video meeting service, Facebook Video Messenger.
Distance Angelic Light Weaving with Email- $60
These Angelic Light Weaving sessions are done remotely, me in my home, you in your preferred space.  We are not on the phone or video during these sessions which may provide you the opportunity to go quietly within and perhaps open more fully to the angelic energy.  You need not do anything to prepare for or during your session.  The energy may be more deeply felt if you are sitting quietly or in meditation during your session, but is not necessary.  These sessions typically last 15 minutes; however, I weave with the angels for you as long as they guide me to do so.  Directly following your session, while I'm still in the energy, I will share with you any guidance, messages or images provided to me by the angels for you in an email.  Over the years of working with the angels these emails have developed into channeled writings from the angels specifically for my clients. If you have an intention for your session, please let me know when you schedule. 
Distance Light Weaving Package with Email- 4 Sessions- $200
($10 off the per session fee when purchased as a package)
Receiving regularly scheduled light weaving sessions can assist you in gently integrating higher frequency vibrations and life lessons with ease and grace. The layers of density and energetic tangles we hold in our physical bodies and our subtle body systems can be lifted out, making room for more love and light to enter in. If you are ready to begin or are already actively participating in self healing and expansion, gift yourself with Angelic Light Weaving on a regular basis.
If you have not yet received light weaving, it is recommended that you schedule one session first to decide if it's for you before taking advantage of the Light Weaving Package.  The fee for that session can be credited to the cost of the package if you would like to continue
Remote Light Weaving for Animals- $33
Very often my clients will ask me to light weave for the animals they care for as they hold such a special place in our hearts. ArchAngel Ariel with her gentle Pink Ray will guide the angelic light weaving sessions for your animal companion in a way that is right and perfect for them. You will receive an email afterwards with any information the angels shared with me for you as their human guardian. These sessions last approximately 10 minutes and may be scheduled weekly if appropriate
In Person Home & Business Clearing & Blessing-$300.
Our homes and businesses are integral to our well being, stability and groundedness. Having an energetically clean space is essential to our overall sense of peace and calm. Along with the Angels I will travel to your location, set up a clearing and protection grid of Violet Light in and around the area inviting ArchAngel Michael and his Legions of Light to hold a continual protective watch. The angels will guide me as we move room to room, weaving multi-dimensional angelic Light in, through and around the entire space.  After your home or business is clear and protected a blessing unique to the building and the land on which it rests will be given.
This service is offered for locations in the Southeastern Pennsylvania area, other locations possible priced based on travel distance.

Remote Home and Business Clearing and Blessing: $50

This service provides a "clean sweep" of energies which do not belong in your space.  During these remote sessions, I tap in to the frequency of your home or business with the angels who work with me as we lift out, transmute and assist  all lower vibration frequencies into the Light. We set up a Grid of Protection around the space finishing with a beautiful blessing from the Divine Mothers perfectly toned for you and your family. This is done remotely and includes an email with any notes the angels want me to share with you. 


Cancellation Policy-

Please provide 24 hour notice if your plans change and you need to cancel or reschedule

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