Light Language for Your Soul Video Session

15 minute Light Language Transmission


Light Language originates from within Divine Love.  It is a multi-dimensional transmission filled with Light, Sacred Geometries, Color, Sound, Numerology, upgrades and enhancements.  There are several types of Light Language which are currently available to humankind including Galactic, Angelic, Elemental and Earthly.  Each Language transmits directly to the receivers Higher Self facilitating a perfected & unique Divine download.


Light Language is understood on a Soul level. It by-passes the analyzing function of the thinking mind and speaks directly to the heart. It asks you to surrender.


Incorporating concise sessions of Light Language Transmission into your life when you are guided to receive can bring tremendous benefit to your earth walk including:


~Deep multi-layered healing as well as growth opportunities and expansion for ultimate alignment with your Souls plan for you. 


~Lifting out old dense patterns of behavior, filters, judgements and reactions that keep cropping up. This will allow you the opportunity to be in a state of neutrality so you can chose your response instead of being triggered to react (Bonus: accelerates your ascension process!).


~Clearing the haze of indecisiveness and sticky situations so you can intuitively see from a higher and broader perspective- making you strong to being neutral leading you to clarity and peace.


~Nourishes your Soul, clears your fields of dross and brings you back into your natural state of being.


The benefits of receiving Light Language for those of us who are embodied in human form are limitless. Light is the stuff of your origin!


If you’d like to schedule a Transmission of Light Language session with me click the button at the top of this page to chose a day and time and to make your payment. You will receive your Zoom link in email.


Here’s what you can expect during these sessions:


Before your scheduled time, my Team of Angels and I will put into place and activate all appropriate security and privacy protocols for you. Please create a sacred space for yourself where you will not be disturbed, have your video and microphone turned on. 


We are intentionally not engaging the human brain so there will be no human language conversation other than our brief greeting and end of session good-bye. The only exception would be due to angelic override. 


At the beginning of your session we will move into the higher frequencies of Light as your Transmission begins. If you have an intention hold it gently within your heart center. The Beings of Love and Light who are called forth by your Monad will begin to channel their Light through me as their embodied partner and through your Higher Self simultaneously. Relax, watch and listen to your Light Language transmission. Surrendering into the care of your Higher Self, allowing the Light Transmission to tend to you is key for these special sessions.


Once the transmission is complete I will work with my Team of Angels to balance and center you, wrap you in Angelic Love, say good-bye and end the Zoom call. 


It is recommended that you rest for at least 15 minutes after your session concludes, allow your Team of Light to guide you for when to re-start your daily activities- maybe take a nap!


Drink lots of water throughout the day and be very gentle with yourself as you integrate.


You are welcome to record your session on your end to rewatch/re-listen if you would like. 


Due to the nature of these sacred Transmissions of Light we will not discuss the Light Language you received while still in session. Taking time to integrate afterwards allows for an anchoring in on the appropriate subtle levels of your being while not immediately engaging the part of the brain which is programmed towards methodical examination. If you wish to share your experience with me some other time in email or want to schedule a longer traditional session with me to follow up and debrief you are more than welcome to do so!

A note about intentions: Your intention for the outcome of your session requires your participation. Your Higher Self takes into account the entirety of you. Your thoughts, words and actions must be in alignment with your intention. If they are not, consciously or subconsciously, please do not worry, your Higher Self will adjust the encoded Light based on where you are energetically ensuring you receive what is most appropriate for you right here and now. This allows for the creation of opportunities for growth and expansion in the Light. It’s a tremendous and glorious process to be sure!


Info for your personality if this is your first time experiencing Light Language:


Spoken Light Language may sound like an ancient medicine person connecting in with the Divine or perhaps someone singing or toning, it may also sound like a person speaking in tongues.


Woven Light Language may appear as a conductor of an orchestra waving their baton during a concert or a conversation in sign language. As you watch and listen to the Light Language allow yourself to set aside any expectations as to what it “should” look or sound like. Simply open to the transmission knowing that you are held in the most pristine love and care of your Highest Light Self.


Email me directly with any questions: