If your journey has led you here, you may be wondering what angelic light weaving is, and what it can do for you.  Please feel free to wander these pages and learn what you may, and feel equally free to reach out to me with any questions you might have.

What is Angelic Light Weaving?

"Light Weaving is inter-dimensional communication with the angelic realm.  As I weave I communicate with the angels and act as the angels embodied partner to transmit their information and healing energy to other humans.  Energy sent in this way contains coded information: symbols, shapes and colors known as Light Language.  Angelic light weaving can clear blockages and dis-ease from the physical, spiritual and emotional bodies.  Healing multi-dimensional energy, symbols, colors and shapes are woven into a persons, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies when they receive light weaving.  The light weaving energies emanating from a light weavers hands and fingertips break through barriers of language, time and space"~ Katye Anna Clark


Angelic light weaving is perfectly toned to each individual. Profound shifts have taken place for my clients during and after their sessions as well as an overall sense of peace and calm.

Click link below to watch a video of me light weaving with the angels-